A Post For Bennett

Do you remember this Precious baby boy I photographed a short while back? His family is currently facing a difficult time because he was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as Hurlers syndrome. While I don’t know much about this disease, only what I’ve researched online, I do know that this Amazing little man could use all the prayers that he can get. He is currently waiting to do a bone marrow transplant of which his awesome big brother Bryer, who is his only true match, will be donating. This family is so sweet and strong and I know that little Bennett is too, you can tell by the many many images that his mommy posts of him, he always has the biggest smile on his face :) Please take some time to pray for this family as little guy has a long road ahead of him.Click¬†Here¬†for his facebook page where you can view updates, or leave an encouraging word.IMG_9118 IMG_9100 IMG_9076 IMG_9175 IMG_9178 IMG_9212 IMG_9327 :)