The business side of things:

Kayla Sanders Photography is a natural light photographer based in Western Oklahoma. I specialize in Newborn and Baby portraiture. I like to take a simple approach to my photography, so what does that mean? Well, you’re probably not ever going to see any extravagant props or set-ups, but rather a simple, natural,  beautiful image. Babies are beautiful just the way they are, and that is my main focus.  No need to add a million things to pretty up your image, all you need is that soft squishy little face that you love so much!

More about your photographer

I’m a mom of 3 beautiful little girls, and a wife to an awesome husband, but most importantly I serve an awesome God, without whom none of this would be possible. I’m a pretty down to earth gal, or at least I think so 😉 I love everything baby (hence the newborn photography.) I also love anything food related, and coffee, when I’m not nursing or pregnant. I’m shy yet outgoing all at the same time, so i guess that would make me a complicated person, and I’m sure my husband would agree. Seeing as how i’m a hard person to describe, why don’t you come see for yourself first hand.

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